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ZTT Group (Full name: Jiangsu Zhongtian Technology Co., Ltd.) has a specialized industrial portfolio that includes marine equipment, renewable energy, smart grid, telecommunication and industrial internet.With a remarkable presence of 80 subsidiary companies worldwide and a dedicated workforce exceeding 16,000 employees, ZTT stands as one of China's largest and most advanced manufacturing enterprise and ranks among the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises.

As a prominent player in the telecommunications industry, we can provide customers with optical fiber preforms, optical fibers, fiber optic cables, broadband products, radio frequency products, and more. For four consecutive years, we have been recognized as one of the top 10 global communication infrastructure service providers, as recognized by Brand Finance. Currently, we operate three cutting-edge optical fiber plants, along with seven strategically located fiber optic cable plants in China, India, and Brazil. One of our significant advantages lies in our ability to provide a comprehensive industrial chain, spanning from raw materials to the final products. Moreover, ZTT is the only Chinese enterprise who has 100% independent intellectual properties rights for Preform. As a world-class optical fiber manufacturer, we possess an annual production capacity of approximately 85,000,000 fiber kilometers. Our optic fiber cables have been widely utilized by over 80 telecom operators, spanning a total distance exceeding 6 million kilometers. ZTT serves as an integrated service provider for the complete FTTx product line. In addition to supplying optic fiber cables, we also offer essential accessories such as connectors, splitters, ODN, and ODF, all meticulously produced in our state-of-the-art factory.

In recent years, ZTT has remained at the forefront of innovation, dedicating significant efforts to the development of advanced optical fiber preforms and conducting groundbreaking research in this field. By mastering the manufacturing technology behind ultra-low loss and high-efficiency optical fiber preforms, we have played a vital role in safeguarding optical networks. Capitalizing on this expertise, Zhongtian Technology achieved a groundbreaking milestone in the European communication market. In 2022, ZTT obtained certification from British Telecom for our optical cables, solidifying our position as a mainstream supplier within the industry.  Furthermore, our telecom products are widely used in international sports events, including the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Brazil World Cup, and Qatar World Cup. Our communication solutions provided for the Qatar World Cup encompass the main venues of the tournament and are widely used in Qatar's municipal construction endeavors.

Our Product Innovation Example:ZTT proposed an innovative roomtop leaky cable solution: replace the traditional combination scheme of "ceiling antenna + feeder + passive components" with "one wide-angle radiation leaky cable". The wide-angle rooftop leaky cable is a kind of special coaxial cable. Its outer conductor is provided with periodic slots, which has the dual functions of feeder and antenna. It has both the signal transmission function of feeder and the signal transceiver function of antenna. Roomtop is the latest wireless coverage solution for In-Building system. 

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